Saturday, 13 July 2013




The Barbados Badminton Association extends congratulations to the Tia-Adana Belle and Mario Burke, who represented Barbados in the 2013 IAAF World Youth Championships held in the Donetsk, Ukraine.

One may think it strange that we chose to salute track & field athletes on our site, but, for the entire championship, and especially today, the entire nation joins together in celebration of the achievement of the young Belle.

We are a small island, but we have big talent, and we must see ourselves as one sporting family and support all our athletes regardless of the sporting discipline when then represent the nation with pride and distinction.

Tia-Adana Belle won silver in the 400m hurdles with a new personal best time of 58.42.  Helene Swanepoel of South Africa won gold and we extend congratulations to her and her nation as well.  After establishing a new PB within the semi-final, Tia was able to return today and lower that mark within her first competition on the world stage.

Tia-Adana Belle
Like Belle, Mario Burke also known as "Super Mario", was also able to qualify for his 1st final on the world stage in the 100m.  He too was able to set a new PB of 10.49 in the semi-final and almost matched that effort running 10.51 in the final.  Congrats to China's Youxue Mo who won the gold!

Although Mario was out of the medals placing 5th, we applaud his effort and wish him well as it was later reported that he had a slight injury.  We are proud of their efforts as to be ranked 2nd and 5th respectively at youth level in the world, in their respective events, is a significant achievement.

We can only hope that the Barbadian sporting youth are truly inspired!

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Thursday, 11 July 2013


The Annual General Meeting of the Barbados Olympic Association was held last night in the Flamboyant Room at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre.  The Secretary, Mr. Mervyn Gordon and the Public Relations Officer, Ms. Janelle Denny were the two delegates who represented the Barbados Badminton Association.

From left to right: Janelle Denny(PRO), Steve Stoute (President of the BOA) and Mervyn Gordon (Secretary) after the conclusion of the AGM Picture by Kenmore Bynoe

One major announcement was that the BOA's indoor facility was scheduled to be started later this year and it was stated that the completion would be in the middle of 2014.  If indeed this becomes a reality, we can only hope that Badminton will be able to benefit significantly.

Another key issue raised was that the hosting of the Caribbean Games could only be facilitated within 2017 as the earliest possible time due to the number of tournaments already scheduled in the various calender years, with Bahamas as a possible host city. 

However, one of the member federations questioned if the BOA would consider hosting the Games, in light of the fact that Barbados would be celebrating its 50th Anniversary as an independent nation, and we should start considering how we could celebrate the achievement as a sporting nation.

The core sports identified were track & field and swimming along with 5 other sports to be decided upon by the host nation.  Let's hope badminton could be one of the five. 

It was also highlighted that some associations were delinquent in signing up for the BOA's Insurance plan for athletes, which in turn seemed to inconvenience the associations which already submitted their list of names. We hope this matter can be resolved quickly as athletes and officials who travel should have adequate coverage.

Finally, the Olympic Association distributed their strategic plan to all the members present and informed them that each member association would be called in to a meeting separately,  to discuss the strategic plan with the BOA.

Afterwards, the members enjoyed some light refreshments with the Board members.


So it's Thusday now and Chantal has weakened to a tropical wave as of last night.  It poses no major threat right now and let's just hope it stays that way.  Chantal however, put a slight dent into my badminton week because on Tuesday I didn't attend club after it had passed thinking many people might not go.. WRONG, which they did and plus, I was thinking I'll just go on Thursday, WRONG AGAIN; because club was cancelled for tonight.

BBA President, Kevin Wood
Anyway, life goes on, but, I just wanted to let everyone know our President, Kevin Wood was on the VOB 92.9 radio station on "Another View" early Tuesday morning.  It was a recorded piece which he spoke about the challenges facing us within Barbados.

Sorry I didn't let you all know, but, I didn't even know (well the airing, not the interview as I had set that up for him), and as I found out yesterday, neither did he.  I think because of all the preparations for the storm, we did not anticipate it would be aired the morning that Chantal would have made landfall.

One of the major things he focused on was the lack of a dedicated home for the sport.  Over the years we had tried and tried and tried, and it is hoped we will eventually have access to a facility exclusively for the sport or a shared facility which is much more accessible than our current Wildey Gymnasium.

The availability of the gymnasium and the rental fees at the Barbados Community College have continued to hamper scheduling of tournaments and training for our national players, but despite this, we try to make the best out of this situation because of the love of the sport.

Kudos to our players and coaches over the many years!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


First of all, I am thanking God for the limited disruption to our lives and no serious incidents during Tropical Storm Chantal.   All across the island people gave different accounts of what they experienced.

For me, all I can say is that I was up until around 2am watching a movie.  No rain had fallen as yet but outside went from being still, to very windy and back to being still again.  Sleep was calling and when I finally feel asleep, it would apppear that's when the rain started.  I however woke up to a gentle rainfall and then it completely stopped.

I got some breakfast and was simply waiting for the All Clear, like most Barbadians and took the opportunity to listen to the radio to stay informed.  Then all of a sudden, the wind and rain came again but this time the rain came thundering down.  The wind was howling and all I could say is "well well well!!!"
Chantal's projected path

At the same time on the radio, people called in from different parts of the island and started reporting the same sudden shift in weather conditions.  Eventually, it stopped once again and by 12 noon the All Clear was announced.

Even though the storm has passed Barbados, we must be mindful that it is still on the move within our Caribbean waters and chances are, it will strengthen into a hurricane.  

I am hearing it is heading for Hispaniola and a warning is now in effect for Puerto Rico as well.  The picture shows the path, but not the cloud cover and as the system becomes more organized, it could get bigger.

I can only hope and pray for limited damage if any, and no loss of life for whomever might in the path of the storm.

Monday, 8 July 2013



Tropical Storm Chantal's projected path
Hey everyone, like me it must have been somewhat of an uneasy feeling when the MET office issued the news about Tropical Storm Chantal.  Yes , it's the hurricane season, however, at the same time the news of a tropical wave, storm or hurricane is never news that one should be comfortable hearing.

We have the attitude in Barbados sometimes, "oh that will just pass" and yes it will, but the question is, how?  Let's hope it will not do too much damage, if any at all, but, do your part and BE PREPARED.  This season is supposed to be a busy one.  It's no joke.

To our Caribbean brothers and sisters and all others who may be in the path of Chantal, we wish for all of you to get prepared as well.  

The reality is these storms can change for the worst in the blink of an eye.   
Stay safe!

The storm as it develops & approaches the Caribbean

Saturday, 6 July 2013



Shawn Greene
Earlier today, Mariama Eastmond and Bradley Pilgrim, who were recently crowned the women's and men's singles champions respectively of the Caribbean Alliance Insurance National Senior Championships were interviewed by Shawn Greene of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The champions were slightly nervous at the start of the show as neither had ever done live radio before, but, I assured them to relax as Shawn would not bite them.  I also suggested a visualization technique but I won't speak about that in this forum.

Before the start of the show

 After all but one of the cricket updates were given, it was time to start.  For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to tune in, they gave a great account of themselves and the sport.  

Both spoke to what happened in the matches against their respective opponents, how they prepared for the competition, the obstacles which they would have experienced, training regimens, preparation for future tournaments and many other things.

I wished I could just say (please click link below) so that you could hear the interview but alas, I have to admit, I became distracted at  the beginning and forgot to record it on my phone.  Oops!  I think it may have been when I was rubbing Mari's back and telling her to relax.... hmmmmm.

In any case, both did a great job and they should be proud.  More to come in the future for all those willing to step outside of their comfort zone.  Doing an interview can be intimidating, but, it is a necessary aspect of a sportsperson's life and especially, when you are the champion.

Thank you both for agreeing to the interview, even though you may have been skeptical at first.. right Brad?? (not that I am calling any names).  So spread the word and let everyone else know it's not as painful as you thought...

Oh and of course, THANK YOU SHAWN!

Great Job!!!!!!



Hi all, listen out for the women's singles champion, Mariama Eastmond and new men's singles champion, Bradley Pilgrim of the 2013 Caribbean Alliance Insurance National Senior Badminton Championships, during the tea-time interval on "Sports Express" with host Shawn Greene later today on 94.7FM Radio between 3:00 and 3:30p.m.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Here's an article in the MIDWEEK NATION newspaper...




Three nights of fast paced action had come and gone and now it was the finals.  I am sure everyone was somewhat anxious but 6:30p.m. came rather quickly... 

The officials looked sharp and the players looked sharper.  Woodvine even brought out the wireless headphone for the umpires.  Classy touch....Everything was in place. 

It was time to play....

Here are the reports focusing on the men's and women's singles winners and other results in the Nation and Advocate newspapers respectively


Bradley Pilgrim (New Men's Singles Champion) as he serves to Andre Padmore

Women’s Doubles Final
Mariama Eastmond/Shari Hope def. Tamisha Williams/Monyata Riviera
20-22, 21-17, 21-11

Mens’ Doubles Final
Dakiel Thorpe/Bradley Pilgrim def. Kevin Wood/Andre Padmore
21-13, 21-15

Women’s Singles Final
Mariama Eastmond def. Shari Hope
22-20, 21-15

Men’s Singles Final
Bradley Pilgrim def. Andre Padmore
21-19, 22-20

Mixed Doubles Final
Sabrina Scott/Kevin Wood def. Mariama Eastmond/Dakiel Thorpe
15-21, 21-17, 21-15

Mixed Doubles Champions 2013, Sabrina Scott & Kevin Wood





Ladies & Gentlemen.... Love all, PLAY!

Video made by our very own Shem Scantlebury (click link below)... Thank you Shem!!


Tamisha Williams/Monyata Riviera vs. Mariama Eastmond/Shari Hope
Defending Champion: Eastmond/Hope
Bradley Pilgrim/Dakiel Thorpe vs. Andre Padmore/Kevin Wood

Defending Champion: Pilgrim/Thorpe

Mariama Eastmond vs. Shari Hope
Defending Champion: Mariama Eastmond

Andre Padmore vs. Bradley Pilgrim
Defending Champion: Andre Padmore

Mariama Eastmond/Dakiel Thorpe vs. Sabrina Scott/Kevin Wood
Defending Champion: Eliminated



The competition was now definitely on.  Was it the luck of the draw???  Maybe! Either way, it really didn't matter because when you step onto the court, you simply have to be ready to play.  

Before going to the gym, I made an appearance on "Sports Express" with Shawn Greene to talk about the night's action and the finals the following day.  It was alot of fun as usual to talk with Shawn, as I have before on many other opportunities. 

It was my first time on that particular programme, and I thought to myself after how amazing it was to talk about so many things in only 9 minutes.  After talking with him a little while after the show and I hurried back home to get ready.  My hope was that the players were would be ready too....  U be the judge.  Here's my submission to the media on the night's action........


Mariama Eastmond and Andre Padmore will defend their singles titles when the Finals of the 2013 Caribbean Alliance Insurance National Senior Badminton Championships concludes at the Willdey Gymnasium tonight.

Eastmond continued her dominance when she defeated Sabrina Scott 21-14, 21-11 to advance to the first of three title opportunities.  She will face Shari Hope who easily defeated Monyata Riviera 21-9, 21-5 and who will seek to regain the crown with Eastmond took from her the previous year.  

Hope will also be looking for some redemption after being ousted the night before in the mixed doubles division by Eastmond and her partner.  However, they will also have to team up to defend their Womens’ Doubles title against Tamisha Williams and Monyata Riviera who advanced after defeating Sabrina Scott and Amanda Haywood 21-17, 21-15.

Eastmond’s final attempt at the treble will come with Dakiel Thorpe in the mixed doubles division when they will come up against former champions Sabrina Scott and Kevin Wood.  Eastmond and Thorpe advanced when they comfortably defeated the young team of Amanda Haywood and Shae Martin despite the 21-12, 21-19 score line.

Monyata Riviera and Jade Browne nearly provided the spectators with another upset when they carried Scott and Wood to the wire in the 2nd semi-final.  The young duo showed grit and determination and constantly pressured Scott and Wood.  Browne would play some superb drives and cross court shots, but even with the crowd behind them, they eventually conceded 21-17, 22-20.

Andre Padmore defeated Dakiel Thorpe 21-14, 21-13 in the marquee match-up of the night.  Padmore controlled the tempo of the game by slowing it down after realizing he could not match Thorpe’s fast paced game.  His strategy worked and allowed for Padmore to execute some spectacular cross court plays and force Thorpe into a number of unforced errors.

Only first time finalist Bradley Pilgrim stands between Padmore and his 6th successive singles title, after Pilgrim defeated Andrew Clarke 21-18, 21-15.  Pilgrim will have two chances to prove himself, when he also pairs with Dakiel Thorpe to retain their mens’ doubles title against Padmore and his long-time partner Kevin Wood.

Pilgrim and Thorpe cruised to an easy 21-12, 21-15 victory against Derion Hurley and D’Andre Thorpe, while Wood and Padmore faced much stiffer competition in the form of Nicholas Reifer and Greg Padmore.

Reifer and Padmore won the 1st game and though they eventually lost the match, it could have gone either team’s way.  Wood and Padmore looked vulnerable at times but it is expected they will make the necessary adjustments in their bid to regain the title.

Eastmond as she prepares to serve during her semi-final match

Semi-Final #1: Mariama Eastmond def. Sabrina Scott                                                        21-14, 21-11
Semi-Final #2: Shari Hope def. Monyata Riviera                                                                21-9, 21-5

Semi-Final #1: Andre Padmore def. Dakiel Thorpe                                                             21-14, 21-13
Semi-Final #2: Bradley Pilgrim def. Andrew Clarke                                                           21-18, 21-15

RR #2: Tamisha Williams/Monyata Riviera def. Amanda Haywood/Sabrina Scott            21-17, 21-16

Semi-Final #1: Bradley Pilgrim/Dakiel Thorpe def. Derion Hurley/D’Andre Thorpe        21-12, 21-15
Semi-Final #2: Andre Padmore/Kevin Wood def. Nicholas Reifer/Greg Padmore             21-23, 21-15, 21-16

Semi-Final #1: Mariama Eastmond/Dakiel Thorpe def. Amanda Haywood/Shae Martin   21-12, 21-19
Semi-Final #2: Sabrina Scott/Kevin Wood def. Monyata Riviera/Jade Browne                      21-17, 22-20