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Shuttlers Badminton Club was to the place to be last night (July 4th, 2013) when they celebrated the successes of their junior and senior players within the recent national tournaments.  The atmosphere was electric as the members ate, drank, sang, and of course, played BADMINTON.  

Pizza, chicken, donuts, cookies, brownies, chips & dip, drinks were on the menu and while games were in session, DJ Smooth Toppin took us on a tour through the decades with the lastest popular music and back-in-time tunes.

DJ Smooth Toppin entertaining the members
The President, Mr. Ryan Toppin spoke to members and challenged them to continue to step up their games and promised that fund-raising activities would be done to assist players with their needs where possible.

Players where then presented with various gifts by executive club members, Ansley Edey and Lisa Fields as a sign of appreciation for their efforts throughout the tournaments.

The players received monetary donations, in addition to free 6 month or yearly membership.  Joshua Archer was awarded in the Junior division, while Kevin Wood, Dakiel Thorpe, Mariama Eastmond and Bradley Pilgrim were recognized in the Senior division.

Joshua Archer receiving his full year free membership from Ansley Edey

Mariama poses with Lisa Fields & Ansley Edey

GOLDEN BOY:  changing into his golden shoes before the start of play

MANGOMANIA was in full effect once again as Leroy seems to have never-ending supply of mangoes at his disposal.  Whatever the circumstances, thank you Leroy.  I took the small bag and placed into my gearbag, but, as we were about to leave, I couldn't lift the bag.  My solution was quite simple..... I placed some MORE mangoes from the big bag to try to even out the weight.  

IT WORKED, but as I placed the bag on my back, the weight was still somewhat uneven and I began pulling to the left.  Despite this, I made it to the car and placed them in the trunk.  FEAR NOT - I am not greedy!! I went to my mother and  gave her some.  MANGOMANIA on Tuesday coming??? Hope so!!!!
The many faces of Shuttlers Badminton Club

So it was my 1st night back at Shuttlers Club in months because of my achilles tedon injury and would you believe there was cadet function in the school hall until 8p.m.  Hmmmmmmmmm leaving us with only 30 minutes.

So, we ended in the car park talking and joking around for the most part.... pay no attention to the poor photography

Ryan leading the conversation while Damien looks on.. and Lisa poses for the camera

Momma Champ - Bev(right) with Ansley trying to make a point(as usual)with Jason & Steven

The Champ is all smiles -what a handsome young man!! I dont know what Michael was doing

Then Leroy aka Po Po arrived and he brought gifts as we later found out
Leroy asking me where I have been

Ignore the shoe... MANGOMANIA well for Lisa & I... Thank u Leroy

So as I was about to leave the cadets finished up their little party but by then I had a chocolate frescante on my mind...and I am proud to say I always follow my mind

Yummmmmm, I love Italia & my 2nd set of mangoes.  1st set in the trunk
And yes I drank all

ALL GONE!!!!!!


  1. Again congrats to all my club members who took part in nationals you have all made us proud.

    I understand that you left out Mr. Woodvine who was successful after months of training in winning the coin toss.

    All I would like to do is borrow the words of a WWE superstar and state clearly to my club members " THE CHAMPS ARE HERE !!!!!!

  2. Now offering a special masterclass on coin toss training - details to follow :)